Hey babe I love following fitblrs and healthblrs but not THINSPO! do you know any good ones that just post kind of like what they eat, what they exercise and tips and stuff? just like nice people i guess who are happy to help or are really personal :P :P
- Anonymous

Lets see, some of the blogs that I stalk love are:

Kacie -beyond sweet & always happy to help anyone with anything, always
Katie -inspirational & has tons of tips b/c she’s lost 25lbs the healthy way
Jule -So nice & strong and posts such motivational stuff
Chelsea -always posts workouts & it makes you want to kick your own ass to be like her
Chelsea -she’s hilarious, nice & her workouts are beastly
Melissa -her foods will make your mouth water, I promise!  
Laura -she posts food, motivation & exercises and is flawless
Sara- always posts her foods and they never fail to look perfectly amazing
Samara- she’s personal, real, honest, and posts tons of delicious looking foods

Ahh, I hate choosing because I know there are tons & tons more that I left out that I absolutely adore! But those lovely ladies are motivational, super nice & personal when it comes to their blogs and I would suggest that everyone follow them because they’re just wonderful each in their own way (: 

If you post your foods, workouts, tips and/or are nice and personal, ‘like’ this for the beauty to follow!

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