Annoying roommate rant

As you probably know from my previous pointless posts that: 

  1. I just had back surgery Monday
  2. I hate my roommate

My apartment is on the 3rd floor, that’s 64 steps from the bottom story to my floor, and I’m not supposed to be climbing more than 1 flight of stairs per day for at least 2 weeks so I’ve been staying at my parents house again.
Annoying roommate was bitching last night to my other 2 roommates and in the middle of all her bitching she said “why can’t Kristen walk up the stairs, is she like paralyzed or something?!”


I can’t you guys, I really just cant. I’m so happy that I’m not staying at my apartment right now because I would seriously go off on her and end up hitting her right in her dumbass mouth, you have no idea. 
I saw her outside of my class today and she tried to talk to me but I couldn’t even pretend to care about her or anything she had to say so I just kept walking past her. Rude, but I don’t care.  

I can’t take it. I’m subleasing my room this weekend and staying with my parents until I move to Austin in 21 days. I’d rather live with people who annoy the hell out of me than that girl who is just so ignorantly stupid, self centered and annoying that I know I would end up attacking either verbally or physically. 

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