I think I’m addicted to online dress shopping…
But they’re just so pretty and I have all that birthday money saved up!  

So0Oo white or tribal: which one should I get?

Decision update: There was a deal if your purchase was over a certain amount so I got them both.
Im about to punch spring in the face with awesome dresses!

  1. chelsearuns answered: where are you shopping?!
  2. amaranthelk said: Tribal
  3. jesuisdanslesnuages answered: Definitely the white. White dresses are so in for spring, and the peek-a-boo crochet is adorable.
  4. paintnpavement answered: white!
  5. bananapancakesftw answered: tribal!:)
  6. casscountsdown said: White :)
  7. puckslutty answered: triballllll
  8. cannab1shh answered: tribal!
  9. theonlyusernameleft said: Tribal looks food baby friendly. Plus didnt you get the other one in white?
  10. whatareyoudoingitfor said: white<3<3<3
  11. pb-and-pilates answered: they’re both so pretty! my friend has the white one and it looks gorgeous in person
  12. the-captain-is-out-to-lunch answered: white
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